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Care Instructions

To ensure that you can enjoy your MÖVE products for a long time, we’ve included a brief overview of terry qualities and care below.


What is Terry?

Terry - the art of loop weaving - came to Germany 150 years ago from the Middle East via England and France. Terry is often referred to as French terry in casual conversation, but it’s actually a total different material. Unlike French terry, a two-thread fabric made of fancy yarn, high-quality terry is a three-thread fabric with a loop. This makes it especially soft, absorbent, durable, and the perfect material for towels, bathrobes, and bath mats.


We differentiate between four basic qualities:

Single terry is very soft and fluffy. Its softness is due to the loose loops made out of soft yarn. One advantage is that its highly absorbent.

Twisted terry is firm to the touch. It has a great massage effect thanks to its twisted loop threads.

Velour terry has a velvety surface, because the loops have been sliced. It’s one of the most valuable types of terry.

Knitted terry is relatively new. It is not woven, but knitted instead, and combines all the good properties of terry: good absorbency, light massage effect, loop strength, and softness.


How do I care dor Terry?

Terry is an easy to care for material. Trust in our experience and follow these care and washing instructions so you can enjoy your MÖVE products for many years to come.

Please note that in general, all terry products should be washed before being used for the first time. This rinses out any excess ink residues, makes the surface denser, and reduces pulling on loops.

Colourful terry should be washed using a mild detergent without optical brighteners from the start. To prevent colours bleeding, it’s important that you strictly adhere to the recommended washing temperature.

White terry products are best kept brilliant white by occasionally using a heavy duty detergent.

It’s very important to wash darks, lights, and colours separately.

If you use fabric softener, we recommend using it very sparingly, otherwise it can negatively affect the absorbency of the terry and lead to an increased build-up of lint.

To avoid a build-up of lint, only ever fill your washing machine to the recommended fill level. If you go above or below this level, the material is subject to increased friction - this also applies to terry bath mats.

Don’t allow damp terry products to sit on top of each other for extended periods, and avoid drying them on a heater - this can make fluffy terry turn rough.

Your terry will stay softer and fluffier by drying it in a tumble dryer.

Please never wash terry with items that have hooks or zips, as this can cause pulled loops. If this does happen, cut the loose threads as short as possible to prevent them getting snagged again. The fabric won’t be affected by this.