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möve Teak soap dish

Teak soap dish

  • Bathroom series made of wood from sustainable plantations
  • Particularly pleasant feel - every product is unique
  • Untreated and are characterized by their authentic natural character
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  • 40967-071

Teak soap dish

The collection möve TEAK For those with a Scandinavian-style bathroom seeking natural-look... more
The collection möve TEAK

For those with a Scandinavian-style bathroom seeking natural-look accessories, the möve TEAK bathroom range is perfect. It includes six items: soap dish, soap dispenser, tumbler, cotton wool container and tissue box as well as a toilet brush. The wood has an especially warm colour and an attractive grain as well as being pleasant to touch.

All the wood used in the manufacture of these products is sourced from a Swiss-Thai reforestation project which is committed to genuine sustainability. The aim of this initiative is not to maximise profit but to restore and secure natural eco-systems long-term.
Goods are produced entirely in the Thai province of Sukothai using a local workforce and all products are 100% free of additives – they are simply washed to remove any traces of sawdust.
Using both the heart and sapwood of young trees means that you can see the unique natural structure of the wood and, as each tree grows slightly differently, no product is exactly like another.
Product care: The bath accessories möve TEAK are not treated and are unique because of their genuine, natural character. The natural oils in the wood protect it. Over time, dust which has settled in the pores works its way out. This can cause a discolouration of items on which the product is placed when it comes into contact with moisture, so wash the product thoroughly before its first use on contact surfaces. Only use warm water and do not use scratchy cloths or brushes. Avoid contact with absorbent surfaces (PVC, linoleum, cemented joints). Please also note that the products are not food safe and should not be left in the water for an extended period of time. The objects also have rubber bases in order to avoid any scratches to the sensitive surfaces.
order number 40967-071
collection Teak
length 12 cm, 8 cm
width 12 cm, 8 cm
height 2 cm
category Soap dish
colour wood (071)
material teak wood
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