Summer, sun & beach life – Whether at indigenous beach clubs or distant shores: A nice beach towel should not be missing for a proper sun bath! This year, möve reissues again new, special designs. For summer season 2015, the sources of inspiration are world travels and global maps. So möve’s Vintage Travel line has been extended by Berlin motives “Victory Column” and “Brandenburg Gate”, as well as the historical map motive “The World”. Remaining on offer in 2015 are the successful designs of möve’s photorealistic line “Nature”.

All towels are available in 80/180 cm comfortable beach size and shine brilliant and contrasty thanks to möve’s innovative printing technology.

möve Beachtowels

Store decoration with beachtowels at Stilwerk, Berlin

möve beachtowel

möve Beachtowel with Berlin impression

michael tewes

möve Beachtowels

möve beachtowel “the world”