Pastel and powdery colours, fluffy and silky: the new trend of fabrics for the bathroom all coming freshly from Heimtextil trade fair 2015. Peach, pink and lilac add a touch of glamour to every bathroom. We think: C’ èst très jolie!


Peach, rose and lilac, pistachio, bleu and ivory: gentle pastel shades are the new sensation for summer season 2015; for the bathroom they add a touch of glamour. It’s all about soft and fluffy! These new beauty colours happen to look especially fancy combined with exquisite marble and clean white.


Very trendy: ice colours matched with warm grey. A delightful idea for the bathroom: walls in warm grey with accessories and towels tone in tone in blue and pale green!


Powdery and pastel shades, fluffy and soft: the new, glamorous trend comes fresh from Heimtextil trade fair 2015.