New bathroom accessories with mosaic pattern

michael tewes

Mosaic patterns are very much en vogue: A particularly good figure do they cut in the homely bathroom. Just in time, this fall, möve launched jacquard towels with high-low structure that looks like a small-pieced mosaic. Matching bathroom accessories come from möve’s line “Mosaic”.


There are soap dispensers and shawls, toilet brush, toothbrush holder and a cotton tank in a trendy design. The surface of the mosaic accessories consists of a multicolored mosaic relief and bring holiday feelings and freshness into your bathroom with their colorful appearance.

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So Fresh: möve’s Mosaic Collection

The brand “möve” stands for textile innovations in the field of processing terry fabric. möve, founded in 1027, has always been a leader when it comes to new yarns and particularly high-end textile qualities. With the line “Mosaic”, möve launched a new towel in jacquard fabric, whose high-low structure resembles a mosaic of many small pieces. This fine towel is made of 100 % cotton and is available in three distinct color schemes as well as two sizes and designs: with mosaic allover patterns or as a uni-colored towel with mosaic edging. Adapted to the design of the towels, möve offers an elegant velor bathrobe with scarf collar. Ceramic bathroom accessories with colored mosaic relief perfectly round off the new line.

Mosaic Collection by möve

Towels and Accessoiries of the “Mosaic” Collection by möve

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